What are the best cypress mulch bedding for tortoise?

Cypress mulch is one of the most popular and the easiest bedding to get for tortoise. Some reliable brands of cypress mulch are perfectly suited to tortoises and will create a great home for them to live long and happy lives. On the other hands, if you purchase on some cheaper brands, cypress mulch can bring about some issues and can be dangerous.

If the choice of best bedding for tortoise causes uncertainty to you, here are the list of good cypress mulch bedding products for your pet that I would like to recommend. These products will help you avoid purchasing low-quality cypress mulch for your tortoise.

#1 Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding

Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding is made from 100% natural cypress mulch, what make it toatally safe for tortoise. It is best seller and has been received many positive feedback from users. It guarantee to eliminate worry about chemical.

It will add the nice look for the terrarium as it make the tank like more natural forest. Not only tortoise, this cypress mulch bedding also work great for other reptile such as snakes, land turtles, tarantulas, etc. The cypress mulch from Zoo Med good at retains moisture for humidity. However, the drawback is that it is not the low maintenance bedding as it may be difficult ti sport clean in this bedding.

#2 Galapagos Cypress Tank Mulch Forest Floor Bedding

If you are looking for the cypress mulch that provide the good level of comfort for your tortoise and high absorbency, Galapagos Cypress Tank Mulch Forest Floor Bedding is what you should go for. It has the great capacity of absorbency, maintain the humidity of the habitat and tropical environment better.

This product is packed with small barks, which will encourage the natural feeding habits of tortoise. It is guaranteed to be free of salt chemicals, oils and parasites. So, you do not need to worry about your pet being contacted with harmful substances. It is nicely treated and being thoroughly washed to remove all tiny particles. However, you may dislike it because of dust and dirt.

#3 Why you should use cypress mulch bedding?

If you are having trouble increasing the humidity level in your tortoise tank, cypress much can solve your problems. You will know it when you first open a fresh bag of cypress much, it is moister than other bedding the chips are very damp. So, cypress mulch is excellent options when it comes to maintaining humidity. It will dry out after a few days of using, but you can keep it damp by additional misting.

Not only that, cypress mulch has the natural capacity of resistant to mold growth. Cypress is antimicrobial. Due to this, it will reduce your worry about higher level of moisture if you over misting the tank.

Additionally, Cypress mulch are always available and easy to get at any pet stores or garden stores. It is also economical as you can easy get a bag of cypress mulch at around $15-$30. These attractive wood pieces create can creates a natural forest floor appearance to your tortoise’s terrarium.

#4 What are the disadvantages of cypress mulch?

Cypress mulch is not an ideal burrowing substrate, due to the different size of the pieces it is not easy for tortoise to dig through it. And also because of the different size and shape that may be sharp, you should be careful when feeding on this bedding as accidental ingestion can be happened.

It is also not the ideal bedding for cleaning as it can be hard for you to sport clean on it. Its even harder to identify the dirty port in the first place.

What is the best material for horse riding gloves?

The best riding gloves is not only a plus to your riding outfit and your equestrian gear, but also serve as an added layer to protect hands from holding on to the reins and also from reverse weather. If you’re shopping around for a new pair of riding gloves, you should get start with the choice of materials.

In the past riding gloves were mainly made from high-quality leather, but there are some different choices of materials available today. All of them with their own benefits and of course drawbacks.

#1 Materials

Leather: Leather is the most popular material, a quality leather glove will not only be warm, but it will also be extremely durable provided you take good care of it. Leather durable and adapts to the shape of your hands, so it makes sense to get a leather glove if you are just starting out.

However, the only drawback of leather is that it can be very costly.

#2 Synthetic leather

Synthetics are durable, quick drying and easy to launder. Some of synthetics gloves  even are just a good as leather these days. If you don’t want leather, you can find good gloves made from synthetic. These gloves have all of the benefits of leather with the good price tag.

#3 Spandex or Lycra

The biggest advantage of spandex or lycra gloves is that they are close fit to your hands, this make sense like you are not wearing any gloves at all. The down point with these gloves though is that they are not really good at breathable which makes them not the idea gloves to use in the summer.

#4 Polyester mesh

If breathable is the most important factor you are looking for in the riding gloves, then polyester mesh is what you should get. Like spandex or lycra gloves these are very thin and comfortable to wear, but they are not unbreathable as spandex or lycra gloves. So you can wear Polyester mesh in the summer without worry that your hands are become slippery with sweat.

#5 Cotton

Cotton is the thin and comfortable material. Cotton gloves are soft, durable, easy to launder and maintain. The thinness of the material means they will wear quite quickly.

#6 Wool

If you want a riding gloves for children, you can choose wool. But the drawback to wool gloves is that they are not water proof. That means if they get wet your hands will get extremely cold very quickly. wool gloves will have rubber or silicone grip dots on the palm is better to go with.

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What are the interactive toys to bond with your rats?

Rats are active, intelligent animals. They love to play and require exercise and mental stimulation for optimal health. It is a great ideal choose the toys that you and your rats can enjoy and play together.

Providing best rats toy is not only give your pets a change to entertain, being healthy and active but also a great way to add interest to the time you spend together. Rats are highly social and curious animals, if you feed them, cuddles and give them toys, they are going to love you for it.

#1 Making a maze

Rats are great at solving mazes and love to burrow, so an excellent toy for time out the cage is a tube maze, you can give them a maze of pathways and tunnels on a floor or a bed. You just need to make sure that the maze is large enough diameter to prevent the rats from becoming stuck in the maze.

You can leave them to explore it for themselves, or you can encourage and play with them with your hand. You can hide treats in the mazes to reward your rats for exploring.

#2 Treasures in a digging box

Rats love to collect and hind precious things they have. You can give them a digging box, where they can burrow into. I always have a few digging boxes around, filled with a combination of substrate (ensure that it safe for rats), shredded paper and cardboard, and even old paper bags. Then you burying treats in this digging box and allow your rats to dig and find the treats.

Another good game is to show the rat a treat and then hide it in your hand, or your clothes, so they will search for it.

#3 Clicker training

Training your rats can be an excellent bonding game. You can train them to return to their cage by a clicker (the same kind that is sold for cats and dogs) and some rewards. Clicking every time you feed them, regardless of whether they are out of the cage, or sitting near by the bowl. That way they learn to associate the noise of clicker and food.

As well as training rats to come when clicking, you can teach them some other tricks such as moving towards you, climbing your leg. When trying to train your rats it is important to be patient.